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In the photo I am in the middle-ground.


Sharing my photos and sharing my commitment to organic, delicious food is an exciting convergence of two interests.

Looking for abundance in the world opens up new vistas for opportunity. My photoblog, Abundant, illustrates the joys of food and is undergirded by the belief that we have the potential to feed everyone in the world.

Seeking out and eating local, organic food grown using sustainable practices connects us with each other, the seasons, our bodies, and mother earth. The abundance of our world is revealed, and experiencing that changes everything forever.


Francis Moore Lappé wrote, in Diet for a Small Planet, about the scarcity myth, which makes us think that food is scarce and we don't have enough to feed everyone in the world -- when it's really not the way it is. The scarcity myth promotes a way of thinking based around competition. With rigorous research to support her views, she presents a very compelling argument against believing that our resources are too scarce. Rather than not having enough food (or being capable of producing enough), we are using resources foolishly.

In Hope's Edge, Lappé and daughter Anna explore the world and share with readers the exciting projects which demonstrate how viewing the world through a lens of abundance transforms our experience of life and possibility.


Recipes are not included on Abundant because we use so few cookbooks and I recommend you get them, too. Check them out from your public library.